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Security and Backups

We put the tools and training in place to make sure that you are protect from ransomware, data loss, and, hardware failures that cost your business time and money.

We offer 24/7 monitoring and security patching that happens in the background and doesn’t interfere with your employees getting their jobs done!

Cloud Solutions

Using Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite, we build out your e-mail and file sharing systems. This lets your team work from anywhere, collaboratively and easily!

With cloud technology we can monitor your whole network remotely so we can respond quickly if there is a problem. If your WiFi goes down, we may know about it before you do!

Consulting and Technical Support

We work with you to build the right setup for your business. From workstations and laptops, to routers and wireless access points, we’ll keep you and your team working efficiently, securely, with the support you need.

Startup Team


Ryan Chalupovitsch - Founder

I decided to start my own IT consulting company in 2018 because I felt there was something lacking in the local IT consulting and support market in Montreal. Services for businesses with the technical expertise, but also that old fashioned personal touch and customer service.
I realized that you can do business the old-fashioned way, but not the “same old way”.
With the latest in cloud technology and our take-you-by-the-hand implementation process, we will bring your business the best solutions that are right for you. 
Amazing advances in business technologies bring with it new challenges and risks. We will design systems and activate features to make sure you benefit from increased efficiency, lower cost, higher reliability and ease of use, while mitigating risks such as unauthorized access, loss of data and ransomware attacks.
As an official partner of both Microsoft and Google among others, we can provide solutions tailored to what suits your company and what you are comfortable with.
With 24/7 monitoring, security patching, backup and network management and protection, you can sleep easy knowing that your business technology is in good hands.








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